Garrigues and Faulkner in MOSCOW

friday noon class in on december 20th ANd december 27th.


:::mon, tues, wed, thurs::::
  door opens at 6 AM - closes at 10 or 11AM
  adjusting/teaching starts at 6:30 ends at about 8:30AM
           Faulkner starts her practice at about 8:30
           ashtangis with a self practice
           are welcome to stay until I am done..
            (10 or 11)

::saturday led primary 9-10:45
:::sunday mysore::::  doors open8 AM - closes at 11AM
  adjusting/teaching starts at about 9:00
                                 ends at about 11AM

::tuesday beginner class 6-7:30PM
                       katie burke teaches tuesday
::wednesday led primary 6-7:45:::
::thursday mysore  doors open at 5PM
                                  starts at about 6
                                 ends at about 7:45

Class Description
Basic Yoga Club Stuff

Mysore: All levels welcome including complete beginners. Students  practice what they know of  the series and teacher assists each person individually.
Led Primary Series: Instruction on postures will be limited. If you are not familiar with the entire series, you are welcome to attendand practice as is appropriate,then sit and observe.* (this is a hard class, but come try it. we often go out to breakfast after the saturday class)
the calendars are being printed! and will be for sale SOON!
Tuesday  Beginner Class: all welcome

Ashtanga Yoga Club Durham 
is a donation studio
people leave  money or checks (made out to suzanne faulkner)
in the cigar box downstairs on the edge of the red couch
on average.......
yogis donating per class:
Most donate about 8-15 dollars per class on average
unlimited classes for a month consider donating around 100 dollars

JO and little man

  • bring your own mat/blanket and sweat towels
  • arrive a few minutes BEFORE the led classes
  • showers are available, bring your own towel and keep showers brief
  • park in back behind house where you see the blue markers. Pull all the way up to the tall drainage-pipe planters to have room to back up when you leave. There is room for 5 cars there. Also you can park along side Ganesha-porch (room for about 3 cars)  or anywhere up and down the street in the city-marked spaces!
  • Please Do Not park where red markers are. They are our neighbor's spaces
  • first time to ashtanga yoga club durham? e-mail us before coming to the studio tell us a little about yourself and your practice, let us know when you are aiming to come. The studio is in our home. 

email faulkner  suzyruth2(at)yahoo(dot)com if you have any questions or answers to life's persistent problems

in-depth study

c-ville with david G!- photos by JOY M

The studio