Ganesha showing his colors!

Ashtanga Yoga Club Durham

JULY 4th morning mysore 
starts at around 8 AM and goes till Faulkner starts practicing, and then it is a self practice until the yoga is done!(about noon)
NO evening class on July 4th

:::mon, tues, wed, thurs::::
  door opens at 6 AM - closes at 10 or 11AM
  adjusting/teaching starts 6:30 ends at 8:30AM
           Faulkner starts her practice at 8:30
           ashtangis with a self practice
           are welcome to stay until I am done..(10 or 11)

::saturday led primary 9-10:45::
:::sunday mysore:::: 8 AM - closes at 11AM
  adjusting/teaching starts at about 9:30 ends at 11AM

::tuesday beginner class 6-7:30PM katie burke teaches::
::wednesday led primary 6-7:45:::
::thursday mysore 5 PM closes at 8PM::
 adjusting/teaching starts at about 6 ends at about 7:45

Eye of God nebula in the afternoon light

Ashtanga Yoga Durham is a donation studio
people leave  money or checks (made out to suzanne faulkner) in the ceramic bowl downstairs
on average.......
yogis donating per class:
Most donate about 8-10 dollars per class on average

yogis who choose to donate for classes a month at a time donate around 100 dollars on average, some more, some less.

in-depth study

c-ville with david G!- photos by JOY M

The studio