May at AYCD

ashtanga yoga club durham schedule 

That's JO on the right at Ashtanga Yoga School of Philadelphia
where she studies with David Garrigues

                            MAY 11- MAY 17 (SUN-FRI)

COME ON OUT!!!!!!!!!


more info on Jo here----

versatile, dedicated, utterly personable  Ashtanga teacher, freshly back from a month in India with David Garrigues, under whom she is apprenticing!

Suzanne Faulkner is in the house, but will be passing the baton and practicing with the morning peeps! 

voted cutest yoga studio in durham by US!!!

morning weekday
mon, tues, wed, thurs*-mysore 6:15-8:30AM
(doors open at 6-close at 9:30

tues-beginner's  6-7:15PM
wed-led primary  6-7:40PM
thurs-mysore 6-8PM * 
(doors open at 5-close at 8)

saturday-led primary 9-10:40AM 
sunday-mysore 9-11AM
(doors open at 8:30-close at 11)

from now on AYCD is doing moon days like this:

Moon days affect mysore classes at AYCD.
if it is a moon day on a mysore class day
it will be a self practice--the studio is open for practice,
but Suzanne will not be adjusting. 

Led classes will continue as usual, no matter the moon.

red markers= no yogis

  • bring your own mat/blanket and sweat towels
  • arrive a few minutes BEFORE the led classes
  • showers are available, bring your own towel and keep showers brief
  • park in back behind house where you see the blue markers. Pull all the way up to the tall drainage-pipe planters to have room to back up when you leave. There is room for 5 cars there. Also you can park along side Ganesha-porch (room for about 3 cars)  or anywhere up and down the street in the city-marked spaces!
  • Please Do Not park where red markers are. They are our neighbor's spaces
  • first time to ashtanga yoga club? e-mail us before coming to the studio tell us a little about yourself and your practice, let us know when you are aiming to come. The studio is in our home.

Classes Are By Donation
do not let $$$ keep youfrom practicing at yogaclubIOUs, chocolate/baked goods/crystals etc...gladly accepted 
most people pay about 9-15 dollars per class, and I greatly appreciate the cash flow.

Joy filming an Asana Kitchen during DGTHREE here at AYCD
If you are aiming to get to ashtanga 3 or more times per week consider a monthly donation....monthly is also by donation.
faulkner and garrigues kovalam india february 2013
joy filmed my practice that day

My mighty friend Joy Marzec  is making her first full-length feature film, The Bhakti Boy. If you practice at Ashtanga Yoga Club Durham, you are yoga-related to Joy due to her being my teacher's David Garrigues life partner. Joy has become a big part of my yoga and therefore my life. She has been there every step of the way for me as I venture into the third series. She is a huge inspiration to me both on and off the mat. You might not see her here at yogaclub because she live in philadelphia, but she IS a huge part of this community. She needs our financial assistance to get The Bhakti Boy in the can!  thank you.

Dr. Sunshine/Towns closing it up/down !!!

in-depth study

c-ville with david G!- photos by JOY M

The studio