Ashtanga Yoga Durham solstice update


:::mon, tues, wed, thurs::::
  door opens at 6 AM - closes at 10 or 11AM
  adjusting/teaching starts 6:30 ends at 8:30AM
           Faulkner starts her practice at 8:30
           ashtangis with a self practice
           are welcome to stay until I am done..(10 or 11)
little man assist                

::saturday led primary 9-10:45::
:::sunday mysore:::: 8 AM - closes at 11AM
  adjusting/teaching starts at about 9:30 ends at 11AM

::tuesday beginner class 6-7:30PM katie burke teaches::
::wednesday led primary 6-7:45:::
::thursday mysore 5 PM closes at 8PM::
 adjusting/teaching starts at about 6 ends at about 7:45

Eye of God nebula in the afternoon light

Ashtanga Yoga Durham is a donation studio
people leave  money or checks (made out to suzanne faulkner) in the ceramic bowl downstairs
on average.......
yogis donating per class:
Most donate about 8-10 dollars per class on average

yogis who choose to donate for classes a month at a time donate around 100 dollars on average, some more, some less.

Faulkner with her Alexander teacher Ruth Kilroy
(and Matthew)
Faulkners' alexander technique blog
The June training in Boston was fantastic

DAVID GARRIGUES will be here DECEMBER 13-15.
We are keeping it small in number and big in bhakti.

David and the Neek

cost for the DG FIVE weekend is
300 dollars and is limited to 15  ashtangis

in-depth study

c-ville with david G!- photos by JOY M

The studio