new member of the family!
AND look at the color of our house!


 february until -march 5th--schedule while Faulkner is away-- 

:::sunday self practice 8:30-11AM w/nikos

 :::monday closed all day

  :::tuesday AM self practice 6-9:15AM w/nikos/nancy  

::::tuesday PM beginner class 6-7:30PM w/ katie b.

:::::wednesday AM self practice 6-8:30AM w/ nikos

::::::wednesday PM led primary w/ katie b.and sherri

::::::::thursday  AM self practice 6-9:15AM w/nikos/nancy 

::::::::thursday PM mysore 5-7:45 with townsend

::::::friday closed all day

:::::::saturday closed all day

sometimes morning practice looks a bunch like sleeping
littleman getting trained to assist backbend
  • bring your own mat/blanket and sweat towels
  • arrive a few minutes BEFORE the led classes
  • showers are available, bring your own towel and keep showers brief
  • park in back behind house where the blue markers or along side Ganesha porch  or on the street
  • Do Not park where red markers are
  • first time to ashtanga yoga club durham? e-mail us before coming to the studio tell us a little about yourself and your practice, let us know when you are aiming to come. The studio is in our home. I will email address ashtangayogaclubdurham@gmail.com
  • Faulkner will be in india january 24th-march 5th: her husband and many aycd yogis will be keeping the studio going with a pared down schedule while she is gone. go yoga club go!!

this image from the
Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston
may remind the AYCD community of
faulkner learning to count the
led primary in sanskrit
do come practice w/ nikos, nancy,
katie b, sherri and townsend here at yogaclub while faulkner is away studying with the DG in Kovalam.
AND consider going to some of my buddies studios too. 
Kathy has mysore practice monday AM. David Swenson is coming to this studio while faulkner is gone, it is filling up so sign up soon.Ride the Breath is offering a big reduced passcard deal right now!  Kathy and Fran's Durham Studio
Blue point yoga in Durham also has classes w/ Leslie Gaddis & Sarah Doyle
There is a saturday practice at Stacy's just up the road in Cary.
Worth the drive! donation based yoga!! Stacy's Studio in Cary

faulkner will be back on post
 march 6th for the wednesday led primary!
4 week newbie series!!!
tuesday 6PM-7:30PM
march 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th 
30 dollars for all four classes 
email Katie to sign -up 
drop-ins welcome

all classes continue to be donation based.
email faulkner  suzyruth2(at)yahoo(dot)com
while she is studying in india.
hopefully she will get back to you in a few days.
washing Mina!

feeding the baby

in-depth study

c-ville with david G!- photos by JOY M

The studio