end of july

end of july update 2012

THANK YOU FRAD!!! for minding (and bodying) our yoga home while we were up in philly studying with the DG!
faulkner and garrigues post practice at ashtanga yoga school of philadelphia

we are super glad to be back!! ALL CLASSES ARE STILL ON!!!!!
xoxox ashtanga!

Frances, David and Thad 
GUEST TEACHERS FOR THE WEEK OF July 20th through July 27th
are coming to teach at ashtanga yoga club durham
while  Suzanne and NIkos are in Philadelphia studying with David Garrigues.... 



JULY 21st from   2-4pm 
"Building Your Ashtanga Foundation"  ---Without a solid foundation our homes would crumble around us. If we have not taken the time to build a solid foundation for our Ashtanga practice our bodies could suffer the same fate. This workshop will explore the essentials in constructing this foundation from the ground up in both the practice of asana and in how the choices we make facilitate a deeply profound and life-long practice. 

  A bit about...THAD..... began his study of Ashtanga in 2005 and met his teacher, David Garrigues, in 2006. Since that time, Thad has studied under David's direction multiple times a year in Washington, Pennsylvania, Virginia and India. In 2009, Thad completed his 200 hour teacher's certification with David and has continued on this path working within David's apprenticeship program. Thad has lead mysore programs in both Montana and Virginia and is currently in the process of re-locating to Colorado to attend acupuncture school. Yoga forms the foundation of Thad's life informing how he walks, talks, eats, sleeps...well you get the idea.   

Bodywork: Thad received his massage certification training at Crestone Healing Arts Center in Crestone CO. Deeply rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Thad's bodywork utilizes the body's subtle energies to encourage a return to balance and harmony through the application of shiatsu (thumb pressure) massage and Jin Shin acupressure (a very light touch based modality). Sessions range from an hour ($80) to an hour and a half ($110) and include pulse assessment and the application of aromatherapy. 
Email Thad at thaddeusharjeet@gmail.com for information about a bodywork session and/or the mini-workshop.  Read even more about Thad here  

Read about...Frances here, at her well-written and nutritionally excellent blog.

Also see her in the David Garrigues asana kitchen she inspired here-----asana kitchen inspired by Frances.  

These are just a few reason we call them THE FRAD!

It's going to be a treat, we assure you!

some of the chachkha featured
 in the little bathroom
All the same important info:
  • bring your own mat, rug/blanket and sweat towel
  • arrive a few minutes BEFORE led classes 
  • park behind house where the blue markers are, or along side the Ganesha porch. do not park in spaces with red markers. It is helpful to fill up the spaces in back and along porch before parking on the street. We're not trying to micro-manage, we want to be respectful of our neighbors' parking needs. If you have any questions about parking please ask. We know that it can be limited. Bike rack coming soon!
  • showers are available as needed (especially for those who go to work right after morning Mysore) bring your own towel and keep showers brief. 
  • first  time to Ashtanga Yoga Durham? 
    • Shoot us an email  before coming to studio to introduce yourself, ask any specific questions, let us know about your practice, and let  us know when you are aiming to come! ashtangayogaclubdurham@gmail.com
 Suzanne and Nikos 


My dear friend and fellow ashtangi Michelle Dorer is hosting DG at her yoga studio in THE OUTER BANKS! end of september, me and the neek are going! 
september 27- october 1  
click on link below for more info
DG in the rad white shades
Mysore Intensive with David Garrigues Outer Banks!


YOGACLUB is hosting David Garrigues
for weekend workshop  

November 16, 17, 18

save the


More info soon

in-depth study

c-ville with david G!- photos by JOY M

The studio