APRIL showers us with Joy & DG3

(no regular classes while DG is here April 12-16)
no regular mysore sunday april 15 due to DG3               
Mysore 8:30-11AM                        
come any time, 
limited edition T-shirts & sweat towels for DG3
bring cash!
adjustments begin 9:15AM       

Monday no regular mysore april 16 due to DG3 
Mysore 5-8 PM
come any time, 
adjustments begin 6

Newbie Night 6-7:30PM
4 week course  
no drop-ins permitted 
(sign -up for April Newbie Night)

Led Primary 6:00-7:30 PM
arrive on time, led class 
(leslie g)

Thursday no regular class this thursday april 12 due to DG3
Mysore 5-8 PM
come any time, adjustments begin 6

Friday no class this friday april 13
Instructed however much of Primary Series we get through 
small class with lots of good instruction happening
arrive on time, led class

Saturday no leslie led primary due to DG3 april14
Led Primary 9-10:30 AM
arrive on time, led class (leslie g)

gman statue by the entrance
of yogalcub
Classes Are By Donation 
Please do not let $$$ keep youfrom practicing at yogaclub
IOUs and chocolate/baked goods/ideas/crystals etc... gladly accepted
Park in back on left side or along side porch in driveway or on street 
(see parking education section below)

Class Description
Basic Yoga Club Stuff

Mysore: All levels welcome including complete beginners. Students  practice what they know of  the series and teacher assists each person individually.
Led Primary Series: Instruction on postures will be limited. If you are not familiar with the entire series, you are welcome to attendand practice as is appropriate,then sit and observe.* (this is a hard class, but come try it. we often go out to breakfast after the saturday class)
Instructedhowever much of thePrimary Serieswe get through: All levels welcome. This class focuses on the fundamentals  with attention to vinyasa protocol of ashtanga yoga.
Self Practice: When faulkner is out of town...studio is often open for yogis to  practice. call faulkner's cell 919 475-9579 if you get there and the door is locked (yin yogis welcome:)
Beginner Course/Newbie Night: sign-up required Fundamentals of Ashtanga Yoga: suryanams &
standing poses a few seated & with a focus on basic skills.
DG3 at AYCD: Yogaclub is thrilled to be hosting David Garrigues for another action packed five day mysore intensive. sign-up reguired.
neighbor's spaces with  red markers
Park on left hand side behind yogaclub or along brick porch on left side of driveway as snug into the wall as possible, or on the street. 
DO NOT park on right hand side marked with red markers 
those are our  neighbors parking spots. 
We share our driveway with our neighbors in the grey brick house and they are the best. If you have any questions about where just ask when you arrive.


April Newbie Night-
Sissy and Karen
sign up is required
for newbie night

Tuesdays 6-7:30PM
3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th 
4 week introductory course
3 spaces left in April Newbie Night
April Newbie Night 
50 dollars 4 week course 
includes attendance to all  yogaclub mysore style classes to practice what  you learn! 
reserve space in newbie course by emailing suzanne   ashtangayogaclubdurham@gmail.com

David Garrigues April 12-16 Mysore 5 Day Intensive
DG3 AYCD is extending mysore times to make room for more yogis!
see earlier start times thursday night, saturday and sunday mornings!

david in mysore with rad shades
David Garrigues is a knowledgeable, energetic and devoted teacher of Ashtanga yoga.  Certified by Sri. K Pattabhi Jois (Guruji) to teach the system, this workshop will enrich and energize every ashtangi's practice. 
This is yogaclub's 3rd time hosting David, and we are thrilled! join us

Mysore: People do own practice,  DG adjusts and teaches to the individual yogi. DG has a way of getting students to interact with the pose in a way that is far more instructional than getting cranked! He might even make you THINK and figure some stuff out for yourself. These sessions may be a bit crowded, so try and think of all of the Mysore classes of this event as one entity,  there might be a session when you get mucho attention and another session when someone else gets the mucho attention.
PranyamaThis will be 3 day introductory pranayama class that will cover the essential elements of a breathing practice including ujjayi (victorious breath), viloma (interrupting the breath), and khumbhaka (retaining the breath).  You'll learn how to set up both a supine and a seated position for your breathing practice.  Through this class you will gain an understanding of how to begin a separate pranayama practice, but perhaps more importantly you will learn to better see how the study of breathing is meant to be at the heart of the asana practice  
Elevate Your Vinyasa to Sharpen Your Practice: We'll look at how such fundamental  postures as Chataranga, Dandasana, Upward Dog, and Down dog reveal the root techniques that inform the interanl  practice of Ashtanga Yoga. We'll explore the intimate connection between the two patterns (Prana and Apana...) of the breath and the vinyasa movement system. And also how the role of bandhas (locks) play into these core elements of the practice. This class is for everyone from the beginning to advanced student; it will reinforce how the most basic ashtanga practices are both readily accessible and can lead you into the precise refined awareness at the heart of yoga.
Asana Kitchen: Is there a specific asana that is nagging or troubling you? David Garrigue's Asana Kitchen, based on his  popular online video series, is coming to Durham!!! Participants will write down their asana questions and David will  make a selection based on the most popular questions, and then we'll roll the camera and dive in to see what we can dixover about our selected asansa. We'll look at each of the asanas in a progressive, step by step way in order to benefit a range of students from beginner to advanced. This class is suitable for all levels. The edited version may eventually appear in a future Asana Kitchen installment.
Passive Backbending:  This class will  encourage you and your practice to redefine the meaning of the word passive. 
Ashtanga's Dynamic Dimension: TALK  This talk will focus on how proper vinyasa knowledge extends beyond memorizing the number of positions of the asana; you are also meant to know the vinyasa positions dynamically within your body.  There is a great art to understanding the subtle progressions of movement that bring you into and out of each asana, exploring this refinement is what brings you into readiness, poise, beauty and alignment in your postures.  We'll look at how such vinyasa knowledge helps you understand how to refine your awareness and to learn to see the practice as chiefly dhyana, meditation.This talk is not to be missed 
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Thurs 12

Fri 13
Sat 14
Sun 15




$300.00- whole entire event
DG making dynamic happen
6-8 AM
8-9 AM

Elevate your Vinyasa

$250.00- weekend portion fri pm-sun potluck  
Asana Kitchen

$100- choose 3 Mysores
Passive Back
Time TBA

$40.00- per session-(as space allows)


Ashtanga's Dynamic Transitions Music Video with David Garrigues from David Garrigues on Vimeo
email:  ashtangayogaclubdurham@gmail.com

New to Ashtanga?
New to Durham?
Visiting?email any questions to:
yoga related emergency? 
call/text suzy’s cell 919-475-9579
 Suzanne's Alexander  teacher Rika Cohen
Suzanne is a certified Alexander Technique teacher with over 20 years experience, and is taking on new students.
spread the word....
Suzanne & Rika during Alexander lesson in Tel Aviv
ganesha by Laura Farrow
checkout artist website and blog

in-depth study

c-ville with david G!- photos by JOY M

The studio