end of september at yogaclub

prop run during  David Garrigues Instructed Primary

Classes are ON! Suzanne is NOT going to Berlin

Mysore 8:30-11AM
come any time, adjustmentsbegin 9:15AM

Mysore 5-8 PM
come any time, adjustments begin 6

Self Practice 5-7:30 PM
come any time, be done by 7:30

Wednesday NEW TIME 
Level 1 6:00-7:15 PM
arrive on time, led class

Led Primary 9-10:30 AM
arrive on time, led class

Classes Are By Donation
Please do not let $$$ keep youfrom practicing at yogaclub
IOUs and chocolate/baked goods/ideas/crystals etc... gladly accepted
Park in back on left side or along side porch in driveway or on street (see parking education section below... the city is putting in a side walk starting  october 5th so during sidewalk construction time there will be no parking on west markham so... if no parking in back of yogaclub, park along edgevale or glendale) 
Class Description
Mysore: All levels welcome including complete beginners. Students  practice what they know of  the series and teacher assists each person individually.
Level 1: Fundamentals of Ashtanga Yoga: suryanams &standing poses a few seated & closing
Guided Primary Series:Instruction on postures will be limited. If you are not familiar with the entire series, you are welcome to attendand practice as is appropriate,then sit and observe.* (this is a hard class , but come try it. we often go out to breakfast afterwards!)

Instructed Primary w/ David Garrigues September 25, 2011

New to Ashtanga?
New to Durham?
email any questions to:
yoga related emergency? call/text suzy’s cell 919-475-9579
thanks for checking out our little blog!
checkout suzanne's youtube channel: I just uploaded 2 great videos of the instructed primary class of David Garrigues  most recent visit http://www.youtube.com/user/ashtangayogadurham#p/u


red markers = NOT YOGA

Park on left hand side behind yogaclub or along brick porch on left side of driveway as snug into the wall as possible, or on the street. 
DO NOT park on right hand side marked with red markers 
those are our  neighbors parking spots. 
sign on yogaclub entrance
reminding peeps
to keep
neighbor's spots
car free
 We share the driveway with our neighbors in the grey brick house and they are the best. If you have any questions about where just ask when you arrive.

During  west markham's side walk  project we are not allowed to park on west markham, but there is plenty of parking on the  side streets.

go to parking circle
 take a left or right
park along glendale
also plenty of parking
along edgevale

Ganesha by Laura Farrow
looking forward
David Garrigues Returns to AYCD AGAIN  
April 12-16th 2011

in-depth study

c-ville with david G!- photos by JOY M

The studio