¡DAVID GARRIGUES coming May 26-30

5 days of mysores and a 3 hour workshop! 
david in mysore with rad shades

Thursday May 26  mysore 5-8PM  one 6:30 pm start time slot left
Friday May 27      mysore session1-6-8 AMtwo slots, session2-8:30-10:30 AMone slot 
Saturday May 28   mysore session1-7-9 AMone slot, session2-9:30-11:30 AMfull
Saturday May 28   workshop 2-5 PM the spirit of intermediatefull
Sunday May 29     mysore session1-7-9 AM full, session2-9:30-11:30 AMfull
Monday May 30    mysore session 6:30-9:30 AMfull
5 mysores& workshop $130 no longer available
4 mysores& workshop $120 no longer available
4 mysores (no workshop) $80 no longer available
3 mysores (no workshop) $65
mysore session a la carte $25
Saturday workshop a la carte $50 no longer available
2 hour mysores are limited to 10 people 
3 hour mysores will aim to have10 on floor at a time with a staggered start 
spaces and times must be reserved: MANY SESSIONS ARE NOW FULL 
call suzy's cell 919 475-9579 or e-mail 

Mysore 8:30-11AM
come any time, adjustmentsbegin 9:15AM
Mysore 5-8 PM
come any time, adjustments begin 6
Level 1 5:45-7:15 PM
arrive on time, led class
Led Primary 9-10:30 AM
arrive on time, led class
Introduction to Ashtanga Yoga
May 22nd 2-4PM

some talking &some yoga &maybe some snacks
this class will be great for getting friends to try ashtanga and realize it is not too hard, too hot, too athletic ortoo anything! Our aim for this class is to get people feeling comfortable about coming  to a mysore class and knowing what to do.this class like all of our basic offerings is by donation! 

suzy, littleman,tim, antonio& nikos at the barn in charlottsville
Mysore: All levels welcome, including beginners. each persons does own practice and gets individual attention from instructor 
Level 1: Fundamentals of Ashtanga Yoga: suryanams &   standing poses
Guided Primary Series:Instruction on postures will be limited. If you are not familiar with the entire series, you are welcome to attend and practice as is appropriate for you, and sit out to observe postures you are not comfortable with yet
Introduction to Ashtanga mini (2 hour)workshop:move and breath in the sun salutations, be exposed to the other aspects of ashtanga yoga(it is not just the postures), 
direct instruction on basic postures that are building blocks of ashtanga vinyasa yoga
Mysores and workshop with David Garrigues: David is a dedicated & thoughtful yogi certified by Pattabhi Jois. 
He is able to teach advanced yogis as well complete beginners.Please sign up in advance for David's guest appearance here at Yoga Club
Please do not let $ keep yofrom practicing at yoga club IOUs/chocolate/baked goods/crystals etc...gladly accepted

park in back on left side or along yogaclub side of porch in driveway without  blocking driveway. If this sounds too complicated, parking on the street is fine.
DO NOT park on the right hand side in back of houses 
the right side (marked with red reflector circles) are my neighbors parking spaces
New to Ashtanga? New to Durham? Visiting?

email questions to:
yoga related emergency?call/text suzy’s cell 919-475-9579
ganesha painted by laura farrow
may the force be with you!
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OPERATION: DO NO HARM is in full swing at ashtanga yoga club durham

in-depth study

c-ville with david G!- photos by JOY M

The studio